5 Social Media Goofs to Avoid

5 Social Media Goofs to Avoid

5 Easy to Make Social Media Gaffes

It’s way too easy to make mistakes on social media that can cost your reputation big time. What was said in passing or a seemingly “clever” remark can swiftly turn into a tsunami of complaints that is not all that easy to overcome.

Many a company has found out the hard way what NOT to do in social media, and paid the price in lost sales and reputation. The old saw that no publicity is bad publicity never had to face a world where your comments and words can fly around the world in an instant, and get shared in hundreds or thousands of places.

So in order to limit the number of negative social posts about you or your company, below are 5 social media goofs you can easily avoid.

5 Social Media Gaffes to Watch Out For

Getting into fights online – One of the most significant and most difficult to fix social media gaffes is when the site owner or merchant gets into a public spat with a customer online. This turns ugly fast, and the honest truth is that even if you win, you lose. It’s simply not worth it. Take the high road, swallow your pride and use the situation to impress others. (Who ARE watching!)

Not being present – If you’re the type who shows up once a month or so on your social channels, and expects this to be anything but a waste of time; well, take this advice. Be present, be engaged, and be social. This only works if you are using the platforms to get your audience to know, like and trust you. Anything else is a waste of time.

Trying to buy fans – While there are many to be found more than willing to sell you a slew of fans and followers, the truth is that this will only come to grief for you. They aren’t real, don’t know you from Adam, and won’t be of use when you need them. Do it the old fashioned way; earn it!

Selling too much – Everyone thinks they can sell to their social audience, and you can, but only when the time is right and you’ve gained their trust. Delivering pitch after pitch will only make your following go away, and you won’t get the results you’re after.

Having the right person post – Many mistakes occur as a result of having an inexperienced staff member handle your business social media accounts. This is not a job for a novice! Either hire someone who knows their way around social media or train one up!