3 Local Business Tips for Successful Facebook Ads

3 Local Business Tips for Successful Facebook Ads

vhis can be seen by the fact that, between 2014 and 2015, businesses increased Facebook ad spending by 122 percent. This shows just how effective the strategy can be, but this is only the case if marketers are doing it right.

1. Look at Audience Insights

Within Facebook’s page management tools are the audience insights. This shows key demographics about who is following a page. It includes things like age, gender, hometown and a variety of other valuable demographics. Marketers can use this information to better target the Facebook ads they take out.

2. Don’t Forget Remarketing

Everyone has been surfing the web only to see an ad pop up related to something they viewed online hours or even days earlier. This is called remarketing, and it’s a very effective technique. As it turns out, Facebook ads have this tool as well. In the audience segmentation of the ad, marketers can enter a URL, and if someone has visited it recently, they’ll be displayed a targeted ad.

3. Utilize Professional Ad Copy

Paying for a Facebook ad is no guarantee of success. These advertisements succeed and fail for the same reasons as other promotional tactics. Even if a company has a great product, no one is going to click a link that is promoted with terrible ad copy. It’s best to utilize a professional to create this copy unless a business owner also happens to be a marketing expert.

Facebook marketing isn’t going anywhere. As the social giant continues to recognize its revenue potential, though, they’ll likely require businesses to pay more to get seen. Fortunately, knowing how to make effective Facebook ads can prevent this from being a money drain.