3 Important Benefits of Repurposing Old Content

3 Important Benefits of Repurposing Old Content

Repurposing and reusing old content may just seem like an easy way to get out of work. In all honesty, it might be a little of that, but 85 percent of the best marketers actually repurpose at least occasionally. This could include re-sharing an article, turning it into another format or simply updating it occasionally. Either way, there are various benefits to repurposing old content.

Increases Value of Each Content Piece

If a budding entrepreneur creates a blog that does very well for a week, they’ll often move on and just try to create more great content. This is absolutely fine, but if they paid $20 for that blog, they can get much more for their money by simply repurposing it.

Updating the content will let Google know that it’s being maintained, and this helps SEO. Recreating it as new content – such as turning a blog into an article, video or infographic – will take a little more time. If the content did well once, though, it’ll do well again.

Improved SEO Ranking

Having one piece of content near the top for a particular keyword is great. Having two or three pieces near the top? That’s even better. Whether the content is simply a blog that’s been rewritten on another website or the exact same content uploaded as a PDF, they should each do well. And since each will be hosted on or linked directly to the main website, the SEO ranking of all pages involved will go up.

Multichannel Marketing

Different people enjoy getting their information from different sources. Whereas a Millennial may prefer to watch a piece of “how to” content acted out on video, a middle-aged individual might rather read a step by step blog. By repurposing content into multiple formats, a company can reach as many people as possible while maintaining the other benefits.

The benefits of repurposing old content are numerous, and that’s why most of the professionals do it. In the end, the act can save time and money, so there’s no doubt that every local business should be engaged in this tactic.