3 Email Marketing Trends Small Businesses Must Know

3 Email Marketing Trends Small Businesses Must Know

Near the end of 2014, 73 percent of business marketers stated email marketing was a core business strategy. This makes it obvious how important email marketing is, but you should always remember that new trends can change the whole game. Due to constant evolution, small business owners need to keep up with trends in email marketing.

Video Right Inside of Email

Many question the point of putting your videos directly in your marketing message rather than providing a link. You only need to consider a consumer’s attention span for your answer. If your customer has to go to a third-party site to view your video, they will end up seeing ads and other videos. In the end, this will distract them from your message, so this is why you will see more marketers start using in-email videos.

Email Personalization Becomes Key

If you send a single email your customer does not want to see, the message could end up sent to the spam folder. Unfortunately, this means a customer will no longer see your messages, even if they did not mean to completely stop receiving them. Because of this, personalization is becoming more popular. And it requires more than a personalized greeting.

Luckily, there are new tools out there that can send different messages to different people on your list. If you have recipients’ ages, for instance, older clients can receive messages that would not do well with Millennials. There are tons of personalization tools out there, so find the one best suited for your business.

Simplicity More Important Than Ever

The current rage is wearable technology. In the end, this will result in massive changes to your email strategy. The small screens of smartwatches, for instance, will only show small pieces of your message’s header and text.

Even worse, this will occur while individuals are out and about. This means an inability to promptly grab consumers’ attention will result in your message quickly being trashed. From now on, use attention-grabbing text and headers from the outset.

You can rest assured that email marketing is here to stay. This will not change, so make sure your strategy keeps up.